Bink Something 2 Ride To Original vs Re-Release

Recently we were requested to help a music collector identify which version of the album Bink “Something 2 Ride To” he purchased. Since this isn’t the first time we were asked this question, we figured we should post an article to help everyone tell the two apart.

By looking at just the album covers it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the two releases. Even when you turn them over and look at the rear traycards, the barcode and the artwork are almost identical. In order to really tell the difference you will actually need to look beyond the album cover and checkout the jewel cases they came in. The easiest way we found to spot the re-release is by the clear jewel case that allows you to see the traycard artwork which has advertisements behind the cd for 15 other albums by Travlyrics. The original version came in a standard jewel case and does not feature any artwork on the inside traycard. Below are both releases side by side so you can see the difference in jewel cases. The original Bink “Something 2 Ride To” is on the left, while the Bink “Something 2 Ride To” re-release is on the right

If for some reason you still cannot tell which version you have, open it up and check out the additional linear notes and artwork. The original will have a large Fly Records logo when you open the cd case, while the re-release has the track listing for the album printed in black & white. Below are scans of the original in on the left, and the re-release on the right.

There are also slight differences in the way the cd art was printed. On the original release seen on the left you will notice the track numbers 4, 5, 6, & 7 were cut off during the pressing. While the re-release on the right all of the tracks are clearly printed to the cd. Also printed on the re-release is Compact Disc Digital Audio logo located beneath the title of the album, which is not found on the original. Also it’s important to notice that the original version of this album has 14 tracks, while the re-release has only 13 tracks.

Finally of course the ringcodes do not match. The original ringcode is on the left is: BINK/DISC MEDIA CA/#240 CD 00999-04, while the re-release on the right is: CD231-011G Bink JLM/CA

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  1. R8R says:

    Great work. Makes it a bit easier to figure out what you have in your hand if you happen to come across it on the shelf at the next store visit.

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