New Orleans Rapper Tre-8 Dead At 37 R.I.P.

Rap Music Guide is sad to announce that the New Orleans rapper and producer known as Tre-8 died on May 28th, 2011 due to complications from a car accident that occurred in Algiers, Louisiana.

Tre-8’s mother, Tam McCallon Fischer, said Tre-8, whose real name was Walter McCallon, 37, died in a hospital after the accident on Tullis and Woodland drives. Both of his daughters, including two nieces, a nephew and the mother of his children were in the car with at the time of the accident and are all in the hospital. This is a major blow to the New Orleans underground rap community, and to all of the Tre-8 fans around the world.

Tre-8 was a New Orleans based rapper who at the age of 16 became one of the first rappers to release an album under Master P’s No Limit / Priority Records partnership in 1995. His debut album, Ghetto Stories managed to make it to #84 on the charts. Soon after the release Tre-8 left the No Limit camp, but continued to produced, record & release his own material for local independent labels such as South Coast Music Group, and his own label, Smoke 1 Records & Purple Haze Productions. In March of 2011, he released “Black & Purple” under the group Dem Haze Boyz. This was his first release since the 2008 album “Most Underrated.”

Tre-8 leaves behind a discography of studio albums, compilations, and features. In remembrance we would like to showcase one of Tre-8’s most underground albums, a tape only release titled Smoke 1 Click “Ruff Rugid & Raw”.

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3 Responses to New Orleans Rapper Tre-8 Dead At 37 R.I.P.

  1. Michael says:

    He will be missed.

  2. We love and miss U Dearly Cuzz from the Mukes,Peterson,Faggon,and the whole New Orleans family 1love

  3. Cee says:

    How and when Ceaser of the Smoke 1 Click die and was there any photos of him before he went to jail or no

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