Tech N9ne Celcius Original vs Re-Release

Do you know what version of Tech N9ne Celcius is in your collection? If not, Rap Music Guide is here to help, so read carefully, and look closely, we’ll help you tell them apart.

By looking at the album covers its almost impossible to tell the difference between the two. Even when you turn them over and look at the rear traycard, the barcode and the artwork is identical. The easiest way we found to spot the original release is the by clear jewel case, which allows you to see the traycard artwork which says Tech N9ne going down the spine, and an advertisement for the Bo$$ Ho$$ 2K2 Hustle album. The re-release version came in a standard jewel case and does not feature any artwork on the inside tray. Below are both releases side by side so you can see the difference in jewel cases. The original Tech N9ne Celcius release is on the left, while the Tech N9ne Celcius re-release is on the right

If for some reason you still cannot tell which version you have, open it up and check out the additional linear notes and artwork. The original will have full color advertisements for Immaculate James & The Jok3r, while the same ads in the re-release were printed in monotone black & white. Below are scans of first the original in full color, then the re-release.

Finally of course the ringcodes do not match. The original ringcode is 362866D4 while the re-release is simply TECH-N9NE Celcius.

Now there is without a doubt you be able to tell the difference between the original and the re-release of Tech N9ne Celcius!

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