Public Enemy: The Horror Continues

Here are Public Enemy members Chuck D & Flavor Flav at the premier of Evil Dead II & Return of the Living Dead. We are not sure why this photo made it onto a postcard, but it did, and it’s pretty dope!

Public Enemy The Evil Dead 2

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  1. NotAmerican says:

    I picked up the above “promotional sticker” about 20 years ago. I collect stickers, and I found out VERY soon that stickers only remain adhesive if you put them on the correct type-of-surface. Out of the 100+ stickers I had at that time, I needed to pick the 3 best stickers to put on my portable CD player. (Don’t front – like *YOU* had some Big Ballin’, top-of-the-line stereo system when you were 12 years old…). Anyway, I totally loved this PE sticker, so it got “top billing” (i.e. – on top of the case covering the CD laser). I put the PE “Greatest Misses” sticker (which looked exactly like the album cover) on the side of one speaker, and a NIN “Sin” sticker (yes I was expanding my horizons) on the other speaker.

    [NOTE:The following may fall under TMI, or shit you just don’t care about.]
    My parents split up when I was 8 or 9, and both made it very clear that neither one wanted me living with them. Point is, when you get kicked out of a foster home, or institution, or whatever, they don’t let you pack your stuff. No, it’s a lot more honest getting the person who shared a room with you, or one of the OTHER foster kids who fell into that 2.6% of “non-criminal-foster-kids”, or, my personal favorite, get one of the foster parents’ biological kids. One that has been talking about your “Ice Cube – Death Certificate” tape since you moved in, and how much he wants it, and so, when they’re throwing everything you own into black garbage bags (Black Garbage Bags: The Samsonite of the Poor), then, when they call you early out of last class, there is your Social Worker ready to take you to your next abode. And, of course, the Ice Cube tape is missing.

    BUT I DO HAVE A POINT, I PROMISE! I had two things with me that kinda, you know, anchored me slightly to society. My Raiders pull over jacket that used to be “the bomb”; and my radio that had the above PE sticker on it. I’m not a sportsman; I’m a stay home type of guy. So this made the male foster parent decide that he could give said jacket to another foster kid that was living with us. And, my very favorite, I told my Worker that I had to leave the aforementioned Foster Home. The other foster kid would do things like decide to go through MY desk drawers (in my **locked** bedroom), and decide what he needed or not. How did he get in? He simply asked the Foster Dad for the key.
    So when I was moving out, they “couldn’t find” my jacket. And I wasn’t allowed to take the portable CD player w/ the above PE sticker, because, uh… (the reasons kept changing). First was that other kid claimed I owed him $40; it was all lies, but at this point it was a “The sky is blue” “No, it’s blood red” type-of situation. This multiplied a thousand times if the other kid was involved.
    The point is, I had that PE sticker, but now it’s gone!

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