R8R & L-wood Present Stuck In Traffic: Free 80 Min Mix

R8R & L-wood - Stuck In Traffic

Rap Music Guides R8R & L-wood have put together a free 80 minute mix to help keep our rap addictions fed. The mix is appropriately titled “Stuck In Traffic” and is a warm up to their upcoming East Bay Classics album that will be released as a limited edition double disc set. Until then, wear them speakers out slappin this mix while stuck in traffic!

  1. Big Poohb & Young Willz – Dank Smoke
  2. Rich The Factor – Parachute ft. Young Fe
  3. Doesia Click – Chronic Bionic
  4. 3XKrazy – Hood Smoke
  5. Richie Rich – Pillow ft. Dewayne Wiggins & Rame Royal
  6. Tha M.O.B.B. – Legalize It
  7. Mr. Mostafah – Drop’s On A 20 ft. Kilo, Playa P & The Double Up Click
  8. Luniz – I Got 5 On It ft. Dru Down, Richie Rich, E-40, Digital Underground & Spice 1 (Extended R8R Blend)
  9. San Quinn, Silk & Master P – High Fo X-mas
  10. Lil E – Smokin The Dank
  11. Marvaless – Bring The Bomb
  12. Mr. Doctor – No Bitch
  13. West Side Industry – Fienin For A Sac
  14. Triple Beam – I Get High
  15. A.M.W. – Gettin’ High
  16. Young D Boyz – Mr. Chronic
  17. G-Ism & Kenny Mack – Smoke Fills My Chest
  18. U.D.I. – Waiting To Inhale ft. Mark C
  19. A-Town Click – Mile Hi Bomb
  20. Mac Dre – I Need A Eighth ft. Da Looies & Dubee

FREE Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?j0trvqkw9338r1i

R8R & L-wood - Stuck In Traffic insert

Hard copies (which include split tracks) on this album and past mixes are available for purchase. Please contact R8R & L-wood direct at djpmix@yahoo.com for further information. Feedback is also welcome. Here are the other available limited edition mixes for purchase, be sure not to sleep on these!

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5 Responses to R8R & L-wood Present Stuck In Traffic: Free 80 Min Mix

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  2. John Alvarez says:

    Pure dope! Another quality mix to ride to. Every track is pure dope. I don’t smoke no more, but this mix got me wanting to start up again!

  3. L-wood says:

    Thanks John. We enjoy putting our old CD’s to use and giving folks a sample of what’s listed here at http://www.rapmusicguide.com. We really appreciate your continued support thru all our mixes…we like your taste in music…lol. What Garrett has done with this site in such a short time is incredible with big plans for the future.

  4. Michael Brown says:

    I agree with John!

  5. Brian Lawson says:

    This is dope mix . I needed this to stay high again !!

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