What We Spend Money On Part 2: Cassette Tapes

Since eBay is the main pipeline for rare and out of print rap and hip-hop music, cassette tape collectors have a safe marketplace to buy and sell their rare albums for a pretty penny. Even with the national unemployment rate rising, prices for these out of print cassette tapes are still selling for hundreds of dollars. For all those tape collectors out there on the hunt for hard to find music, you understand our passion, and can understand why we spend our hard earned money on old pieces of plastic! Below you will find screen shots of some recent eBay auctions of rare rap cassettes tapes that ended for some impressive prices. Do you have any of these in your collection? What was the most you paid for a cassette tape?

Celly Cel – Lifestyle Of A MackBudwyser & Derace: The Product – You Can’t Fade MeDivine Soul – All Over The TrackMac Dogs Promo Tape

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