What We Spend Money On

Rap connoisseurs who are driven to collect rare albums have created a marketplace on the world wide web that would drive most small countries out of business. Even in a recession, the prices for out of print cd’s, tapes, and records are still going into the hundreds of dollars. For those of you who are fellow eBay & Discog sellers, you know what we spend our money on! Checkout some eBay auctions that’s recently ended, to see what I’m talking about!

T-Mo - Tribal GrooveMista Boss Mann - Pimp Or Die

Funk MobbD.O.A. - Tha Recipe

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3 Responses to What We Spend Money On

  1. Ad says:

    Dammmmnn makes me wish I still had some of my classics, but I guess rap CDs are prone to getting gaffled. At the same time, if I did still have them I don’t know if I could sell them even if times are tough.

  2. Johnathan Alvarez says:

    that Mista BossMann album is tight as hell! I wish I could find me a copy of that. I can bump it from beginning to end.

  3. Sippy says:

    I’ve sold three of these titles approx. 5 1/2 years ago, I took near $600 combined. The value has near trebled in half a decade. Wow it comes to show that rap collector’s are more serious than ever, and the phenomenon is growing! I feel ya Ad, I keep justifying letting them go over and over again!! Really, don’t do it if you don’t have to! Still got that Funk Mobb cd though, and it’s goin nowhere!

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