By Any Means Necessary: 17th Ward New Orleans

By Any Means Necessary was an underground rap group from the 17th ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. They released their music on the label Alliv Records, which was owned by producer and entrepreneur Donald “Duck” Coleman.

The black & white glossy promotional photo below shows the group trapping outside of their local liquor store drinking forty’s and smoking cigarettes. The spray paint on the trash can is great representation of the neighborhood they live in.

By Any Means Necessary By Any Means Necessary: 17th Ward New Orleans

The same photo above was also used for their self titled tape released in 1991. Thanks to YouTube we were able to dig up the track titled “Ashes 2 Dust.” Check it out!

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Big Daddy Kane Rope Chains & Finger Rings

Big Daddy Kane started his career in 1986 as a member of the rap group the Juice Crew, founded by producer Marley Marl and radio DJ Mr. Magic. With his new school lyrics, choreography and tailored costumes he revolutionized hip hop fashion and the way shows were performed, proving that he was not only an MC, but a full entertainer.

Big Daddy Kane billiards Big Daddy Kane Rope Chains & Finger Rings

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Digital Underground On Spice!

Digital Underground is acting a fool in this Spice! Magazine photo. From Shock G’s zany white hat, to the airbrushed jean jacket, you can tell hip hop fashion has come a long way.

If you look hard enough you can spot 2Pac throwing up a fist of 4 gold rings in the back. Thug life!

Digital Underground Spice Digital Underground On Spice!

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OutKast Player’s Ball

“All the players came from far and wide, wearin’ afros and braids kickin’ dem gangsta rides!”

OutKast is standing & leanin’ on a gangsta ride, promoting their single “Player’s Ball” taken from the album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik that was released in 1994 on LaFace Records.

OutKast Players Ball OutKast Players Ball

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Tre-8 “Dey Scared Of Me” Smoke 1 Records

We dug up a gangsta press photo of the late New Orleans based rapper Tre-8 promoting his second full-length album “Dey Scared Of Me” released in 1997 on the label Smoke 1 Records and distributed by South Coast Music Group. R.I.P.

Tre 8 Dey Scared Of Me Tre 8 Dey Scared Of Me Smoke 1 Records

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Fresh Out Volume Five

Fresh Out Vol 5 Fresh Out Volume FiveL-wood Media and friends bring you another installment of Fresh Out to kick off the summer and keep your speakers pushing.

Click here to download FREE: Fresh Out Vol. 5

The Fresh Out compilations sample the latest underground rap resonating from the streets of Northern California.  Past volumes 1-4 along with special HBK Gang & HD of Bearfaced editions are all listed with free download links here on Rap Music Guide. Feel free to pass any & all on thru social media, e-mail, etc.

For those of you not familiar with R8R & L-wood, they have been releasing a series of classic albums segmenting California rappers in specific geographic areas for years, with such releases as; SFC: Sucka Free Classics, SAC: Nine One Classix, & East Bay Classics.  Along with other various mixes the duo has a 4 disc mix compiled from cassette released material titled Northern California Trunk Tape Resurrection.

Fresh Out Vol 5 tracklist Fresh Out Volume Five

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Prodigy The Head Nigga In Charge

Prodigy of Mobb Deep is looking mighty comfortable sitting on that ice throne. This full page ad is promoting his debut solo album, ”H.N.I.C.” which didn’t up in the stores until the winter of 2000.

The sequel album wasn’t released until eight years later in 2008. Now that’s what you call being on on ice.

Prodigy of Mobb Deep HNIC Prodigy The Head Nigga In Charge

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Sir Too Short Comin’ Straight From Oakland

Check out young $hort Dogg rocking the Cadillac chain, gold rings and puffy jacket with the fur collar. From the looks of the VIP backstage pass stuck to his shirt, he was at the Yo! MTV Raps Dope Jam Tour that took place in 1988 at the Oakland Coliseum Arena.

Too Short puffy jacket Sir Too Short Comin Straight From Oakland

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W.C.P. The Wheel Chair Posse Promotional Photo

Here is an odd black & white promo photo of The Wheel Chair Posse, a rap group from Louisiana who was signed to the label Buckaroo Records.

The Wheel Chair Posse W.C.P. The Wheel Chair Posse Promotional Photo

Thanks to YouTube we were able to dig up some of their audio to share with you.

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JT The Bigga Figga Reminiscing About The Rap Game

Much respect to JT The Bigga Figga, founder of the independent record label Get Low Recordz, for using his classic albums covers from Rap Music Guide on his Instagram feed and YouTube videos.

We spotted our Rap Music Guide watermark in some of his latest social media posts, so we thought we’d share them with you.

Here is JT driving a big ass motor home while being interviewed and reminiscing about the rap game, now that’s multitasking! In the video you will see the Rap Music Guide watermark when the classic album covers are visible. Dope!

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