Rappin’ 4-Tay Rag Top Records Press Photo

Check out the old black & white press photo we found of the San Francisco Fillmore District native Rappin’ 4-Tay from 1994. This photo was to promote his album titled Don’t Fight The Feelin’ released on Rag Top Records and Chrysalis Records.


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Shyheim aka The Rugged Child

Shyheim aka The Rugged Child was the youngest rapper affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan and was from Staten Island New York.

He released his first single, “On and On” in 1993. Then in 1994 his complete debut album was released on Virgin Records titled The Rugged Child. The album turned out to be a success and rose to #7 on Billboard.

Shyheim aka The Rugged Child

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Fresh Out The Jacka Tribute Album

Fresh-Out-The-JackaThe news of The Jacka’s passing was, and still is a tough pill to swallow for rap fans in the Bay Area and all over the world.

To help remember, appreciate and celebrate The Jacka, we’ve compiled a special tribute edition of Fresh Out, dedicated to the man behind the voice we listen to every day.

Selections of this tribute album were taken from his solo, duo, group and compilation material; 90 albums spanning 17 years.

The Jacka was a one of kind artist, who was loved and revered like no other by his friends, family, community and fans worldwide.

Rest In Peace Shaheed (Dominic L. Newton) Akbar aka “The Jacka.”

Click the following link to download Fresh Out – The Jacka: What Happened To The World (Tribute Album) FREE!

The Jacka Tribute Album: Disc One

  1. What’s Happening World feat. The Jacka
  2. Million Miles feat. The Jacka
  3. The Jacka Blues feat. The Jacka
  4. This Is The Mob 4 Life feat. The Jacka, San Quinn, Husalah, Messy Marv
  5. Barney (More Crime) Remix feat. The Jacka, Cormega, Rydah J. Klyde
  6. Jacka Zip feat. The Jacka
  7. Everyday feat. The Jacka
  8. All We Do (Remix) feat. The Jacka, Laroo, J. Stalin
  9. Gang Starz feat. The Jacka, A-One
  10. Pigeon On T-Shirt feat. The Jacka, Husalah
  11. Go Cop Whateva feat. The Jacka
  12. California Gangsta feat. The Jacka, Fed-X
  13. Da Underworld feat. The Jacka, B-Luv, Macke
  14. From The Hood feat. The Jacka, Traxamillion, Husalah, San Quinn
  15. Mobbin feat. The Jacka, Sleepy D, D-Lo
  16. Turned Out (Action) feat. The Jacka, Akata
  17. Won’t Be Right feat. The Jacka, Cellski
  18. Marshawn Lynch (Remix) feat. The Jacka, Rick Ross, Mistah F.A.B., Shady Nate, The Pack
  19. Tailor Made feat. Mob Figaz
  20. Trap House feat. The Jacka, Berner, Don Toriano, Goldtoes
  21. Goin 4 Blood feat. The Jacka, AP.9, Husalah
  22. Devilz Rejectz feat. The Jacka, Ampichino

The Jacka Tribute Album: Disc Two

  1. Money feat. The Jacka, Husalah
  2. Glamorous Lifestyle feat. The Jacka, Andre Nickatina
  3. A Gangsta’s Gangsta feat. The Jacka
  4. Dope feat. The Jacka, 12 Gauge Shotie
  5. Slap the 55 Round feat. The Jacka
  6. M.O.B. feat. The Jacka, Smigg Dirtee, Mobb Deep
  7. Been Awhile feat. Dubb 20, Husalah
  8. Knockin Niggas Off feat. The Jacka
  9. Real Niggaz feat. The Jacka, Lenox, Dojah
  10. Real Niggaz feat. Mob Figaz, C-Bo
  11. Mob Shit feat. The Jacka, Pimp Pooh, Laz the Boy, Peezy
  12. Can’t Loose Again feat. The Jacka, Laroo, Big Brim, Boo Banga
  13. My Middle Name Is Crime feat. The Jacka, Andre Nickatina
  14. Mafia feat. The Jacka, Big Hollis
  15. Move Mean feat. The Jacka, Young Lean
  16. Angel Dust feat. The Jacka, Joe Blow, Reign
  17. Aspen feat. The Jacka
  18. Storm feat. The Jacka, Cormega
  19. Mob Reflections feat. Joe Blow
  20. Better Than All The Rest feat. The Jacka
  21. Snowflake feat. The Jacka, Evangillest
  22. Sunnah Boys feat. The Jacka, Freeway, Killer Mike

The Jacka Tribute Album: Disc Three

  1. It’s The Jack feat. The Jacka
  2. Boomin System feat. The Jacka, Bo Strangles
  3. Ridin High feat. The Jacka, Joe Blow, Berner, Fam Syrk
  4. This Is For feat. The Jacka, Yukmouth, Pretty Black
  5. Dancefloor feat. The Jacka, WOK
  6. Freestyle feat. The Jacka, Husalah
  7. Funk feat. The Jacka, Messy Marv, Dubee
  8. Tonite feat. The Jacka, Laroo, Lee Majors, Matt Blaque
  9. Poed Up feat. The Jacka, Lee Majors
  10. On Methazine feat. The Jacka
  11. Cocaine feat. The Jacka, Husalah, Keak Da Sneak, Lee Majors, Messy Marv, Fed-X, Yukmouth, G-Stack, Dru Down, Rahmean, Cellski
  12. Couldn’t Be A Better Player feat. The Jacka, Lil Rue, Joe Blow
  13. So Fly feat. The Jacka, Yay Boyz, Cellski, Trill Real
  14. Daddy feat. The Jacka, Husalah, Mac Dre
  15. Mac Hand feat. The Jacka
  16. Girls Say feat. The Jacka
  17. Cuz I’m the Mack feat. The Jacka
  18. Our Heroes feat. The Jacka, Dubb 20, J. Stalin
  19. Where Do We Go From Here feat. The Jacka, I-Rocc, Nilaja
  20. Remember Me feat. Street Knowledge
  21. I Want It All feat. The Jacka, Lace Leno
  22. See It Thru feat. The Jacka, Kae-1, Ampichino


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Devin the Dude Houston Chronic

Devin the Dude is from Houston, Texas and is best known for his unique rapping style in addition to his long career as an artist signed to Rap-A-Lot Records.

The advertisement below is from 1998 and promotes Devin’s very first solo studio album, which was self titled “Devin the Dude.”

Not many artists can get away with an album cover featuring themselves taking a shit on the toilet, but clearly Devin pulls it off with the album peaking at 177 on The Billboard 200 record chart.

Devin the Dude

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Fresh Out Volume Seven

Fresh-Out-Vol.7We are back again with the seventh volume of Fresh Out. As always, this is a completely FREE digital release compiled by the infamous underground record label L-wood Media and exclusively available for you here now.

Click the following link to download Fresh Out Vol. 7 FREE!

The Fresh Out compilations sample the latest underground rap resonating from the streets of Northern California. Past volumes one through six, along with special HBK Gang & HD of Bearfaced editions, are all listed with FREE download links here on Rap Music Guide.

Be on the lookout for more free downloads of the latest underground rap music by L-wood here on the Rap Music Guide blog.

Don’t forget to help us spread the word by telling your friends where you got all the new music at! Share the link on Facebook, Twitter and all social media!

Fresh Out Volume Seven:

  1. My Own feat. Da Alphabets
  2. What You Call Dat feat. Petey Mac
  3. Remember the Struggle feat. Young Ether
  4. Shots Fired feat. June
  5. Get Money feat. Joise Bois, Marvaless
  6. Don’t Like Me feat. HD, G-Dirty
  7. You Can Tell feat. Mac Reese, Lil Raider
  8. Oakland Shit feat. Tony Casa’Nova, HBK CJ
  9. Never Change Up feat. Lil West
  10. Never Take A Day Off feat. ST Spittin
  11. UOENO IT feat. Killa Fresh
  12. Choices feat. E-40
  13. Told Me feat. A-Wax, Too Short
  14. 2 Dungeons Deep feat. Jacka, Blahk Jesus
  15. Count It Up feat. Young T
  16. I Wanna Be Paid feat. C-Dubb, Young Droop
  17. Rappin Is A Hobby feat. Reese Loc, Ron Ron
  18. I Don’t Fuck Wit Em feat. Young Ro
  19. This Is Life feat. Joe Blow
  20. Pain On The Block feat. B-Dawg, Shadow
  21. On Me feat. Iamsu, Kool John, Rich Homie Quan
  22. Bitch feat. Hoodstarz, Lil Blood, Lil Rue, Jacka, HD, Lil Rod Da Goer
  23. 3 Mill feat. Berner

Fresh-Out-Vol.-7 tracklist

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Congratulations to the Geto Boys

Believe it or not, this is actually an advertisement for Sound Arts Recording Studio in Houston, Texas.

Their marketing technique was placing these ads in rap magazines, not only to congratulate the Geto Boys for their Gold LP “We Can’t Be Stopped” with over 900,000+ sales, but also to make sure everyone knows it was recorded and mixed exclusively at their studio in the “hip hop capital of the Southwest.” Which is Houston, Texas of course.

Geto Boys Sound Arts Recording Studio

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4080 Magazine: Master P

Checkout the old 4080 Magazine with Master P on the cover. He’s showing off a Motorola brick flip phone and 2 pagers. Because back then you had to have one for the dope fiends and the other for your bitches.

It’s open season on playa haytas… See ya!

4080 Magazine Master P

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Yukmouth Press Photo

Yukmouth is from East Oakland, California and launched his career as part of the multi-platinum group the Luniz. Yukmouth is also the founder of The Regime, Smoke-A-Lot Records and Godzilla Entertainment.

We dug up a promotional photo of Yukmouth before he left Rap-A-Lot Records, as you can tell by the large chain front and center. The reason there is a Virgin logo on the photo is because they were the official distributor of Rap-A-Lot Records from 1994–2000.

Now, Yukmouth is representing his own label, Smoke-A-Lot Records. You can also find him on Twitter & Instagram.


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All Due Respect: E-40 | XXL Magazine


In the winter 2014 edition of XXL Magazine there is well written article by Dan Rys featuring an interview with E-40, coincidentally titled “All Due Respect.”

E-40 goes into great detail about being an OG, and how he has been releasing albums for 26 years. He also speaks about his new role in the rap game and how he has evolved since he got started as a youth.

40 Water also explains why he is able to release so many albums each year, and he even tells his secret to dropping multiple albums at once. During the interview he states that he will still be releasing albums even when he is an old man. From the sounds of it he is definitely not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

After reading the entire interview we flipped to page 46 to find a page titled “Hustler Musik”, which features a full spread dedicated to every E-40 album from 1988 to 2014.

We couldn’t help but notice that the some of the album covers were taken directly from our website!

M.V.P. The Kings Men and The Click Down & Dirty both clearly have our watermark on them. If you couldn’t find them we drew helpful red arrows pointing to the albums in the photo below.

It’s also obvious to us that they cropped out our logo from the albums covers of the cassette tapes for Let’s Side & Mr. Flamboyant.


It’s nice to see professionals in the industry using Rap Music Guide as a tool to research E-40’s discography. Next time we would appreciate a shout out though! Don’t be afraid to cite your sources.

As the great rapper E-40 said in the XXL interview… “See, I’m a OG so I gotta lace these unlaced people out there.”

Shout out to the Amassador of the Bay, Charlie Hustle aka The Ballatician!

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Coop MC & Point 5 Posse Unreleased Material

Showin-Love-Records-promo-letterShowin’ Love Records recently released some extremely rare music from the Midwest that we were glad to get our hands on.

They sent us a their limited edition vinyl & chrome cassette releases of Coop MC & Point 5 Posse, and the quality is top notch! Also inclosed with the albums was a letter with additional information about the rare material they released.

Showin’ Love was founded in 2013 and specializes in the genre of g-funk. Their mission is to uncover previously unreleased Dallas & Ft. Worth underground rap albums, just like these gems.

Most of Coop MC’s music on these albums was produced by the legendary Fort Worth Producer Ernie G, who also did the production for One Gud Cide.

The Coop MC albums titled “The Hilltop” released on cassette tape & “Watt Up Homie” released on maroon marbled vinyl records, was originally recorded in the late 1990’s during the phetamine era, but never officially released. Both albums feature production by DFW’s Ernie G, Buga Green and feature rappers P.I.G. and Nothin’ 2 Lose.

Coop MC

The Point 5 Posse Swisher EP was recorded in Dallas in 1995 and has gone unreleased for more than 15 years. Even though the entire album was recorded, it was never released. The only track to ever see limited play was a cassette single release for G’s Only.

Featured on the album is an uncredited appearance by Dallas legend MC DOE. We suggest you pick up a copy at Showin’ Love Records before they run out!

Point 5 Posse

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